Food and Nutrition

Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean and plant-based proteins, and healthy fats not only promotes overall good health and weight control but also provides you with essential nutrients that can keep you energized throughout the day.

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Office of Work/Life Resources

The Office of Work/Life develops and offers programs and initiatives designed to help you eat a healthful diet- one that focuses on foods and beverages that promote health and prevent chronic disease.

The Healthier Columbia Food and Beverage Initiative offers food, beverage and nutrition recommendations that foster a healthier eating pattern for the Columbia community.  Resources are available to support better food and beverage choices in various food environments.

The EAT 5 Initiative is designed to help you integrate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and get you closer to reaching the goal of eating five cups per day. Eating 5 cups of fruits and vegetables daily provides nutrients vital for the health and maintenance of the body, may protect against chronic conditions like heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and can promote an overall healthy weight.   

This initiative offers a series of nutrition workshops designed to help participants increase fruits and vegetable intake to get closer to reaching the goal of eating five cups per day. Each workshop offers an interactive nutrition discussion, food demonstration with tasty samples, take home recipes, and more. Sessions are available to individual departments and schools or buildings within the university.

To learn more or schedule a session in your school/department, please fill out this brief form



      As part of the EAT 5 Initiative, meal planning guides are available to support good nutrition, energy, and overall well-being.  

      EAT 5 Breakfast Guide

      Start your day with key foods, including whole grains, to support energy, concentration, and mood.

      EAT 5 Lunch Guide

      Recharge midday with an EAT 5 lunch, to keep you buzzing through the afternoon.

      EAT 5 Dinner Guide

      End the day with a nutritious dinner, rich in essential nutrients to promote good sleep, and overall well-being.

      EAT 5 Holiday Sides Cookbook

      Celebrate the holidays the EAT 5 way with these recipes for delicious side dishes.

      Eating more sustainably can be healthier for you and the planet, and can even help support your community.  Review the Sustainable Eating Made Easy Guide for tips on how to get started.

      As part of the EAT 5 Initiative, the Office of Work/Life is partnering with the company, Field Goods, to bring farm-fresh produce to Columbia University!  Field Goods delivers fruits and vegetables from small and regional sustainable farms directly to your department or school.  Weekly fruit and vegetable orders are customizable and come with tasty recipes to take home!  

      *Field Goods was founded by Donna Williams, Columbia Business School, Class of ‘93

      Duration: 6 weeks or more
      Cost: Minimum order of $16 per week with the option to pause or cancel subscription at any time
      Minimum Enrollment: 20 participants 

      To learn more or to bring Field Goods to your school/department, please fill out this brief form.

      The secret to adding flavor, color, and antioxidants to meals is simple— try spices! By using spices, you can significantly reduce your salt intake, diversify your meals, and explore flavors from around the world.

      Get started with the Spice Exploration Guide!

      The Nourishing Mom and Baby guide is designed to help women make informed food choices and prepare for the nutritional demands of pregnancy and lactation. This comprehensive guide shares pre- and postnatal nutrition guidance, meal planning tips, and tasty recipes to support maternal and child health.

      Nourishing Mom and Baby Guide

      Columbia University Resources

      Columbia University Resources

      Besides our own programs and initiatives, you can also get involved with these other Columbia programs and resources.

      Columbia Green Market and Fort Washington Green Market
      GrowNYC ‘s farmers markets are available at two campus locations, offering fresh, healthy, and local food to the Columbia community.

      Join a direct-to-consumer year-round, CSA-modeled, flexible subscription-based farmshare supporting small and mid-sized farms.  Each week you will receive 6-7 types of seasonal produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs) and the option to add on items (dairy, hummus, and kombucha) for just $25. Each Share always comes with at least one fruit and one green. Pick-up sites are in Morningside Heights and *Washington Heights (*monthly pick-ups only and no add on items).

      Find a number of Columbia Dining resources including a Healthy Eating Guide and tools to help you eat healthier both on and off campus.

      Wellness Coaching is a healthy lifestyle program available to Columbia University medical plan participants and dependents at no additional cost. Work with a wellness coach telephonically with additional web-based support to help you eat better, move more, and lose weight.  

      To learn more or to enroll, call United Healthcare at 800-232-9357 or visit this website.

      RALLY is an engaging digital health experience that starts with a quick health survey to measure your overall health and then recommends simple activities to help improve your diet, fitness, and mood. 

      Rally is available through or visit .

      For more information or to learn if you are eligible, call United Healthcare at 800-232-9357.

      Columbia University employees and dependents covered under the university’s medical plan may be eligible for coverage for nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian.

      For more information or to learn if you are eligible, call United Healthcare at 800-232-9357.

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      External Resources

      Looking for more? Here are resources outside of Columbia.