Tuition Programs

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Columbia University offers several Tuition ProgramsA brief summary is below.  For additional details and eligibility requirements, please consult the Tuition Program Benefits page on the Human Resources website.  

Studying at Columbia University:  The Tuition Exemption Benefit Program is offered for both Officers and Support Staff, so that you and your family members may take courses at Columbia.

Studying at Other Colleges & Universities: The College Tuition Scholarship for Officers' children can help offset the costs of college tuition outside of Columbia.

Private K-8 Schools: The Primary Tuition Scholarship (PTS) for Officers' children can help offset the costs of K-8 private schools in the five boroughs of NYC.   

Some collective bargaining units offer additional tuition benefits for their members.  Please see Union Contracts and the relevant sections of Human Resources Tuition Program Benefits page for more information.