Flexible Work Arrangements

Columbia University is committed to excellence in all of its operations and recognizes that flexibility is sometimes an important strategy to meet both the academic and business objectives of its schools and departments. The University also appreciates that Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) may enhance employee well-being and quality of life and therefore offers FWAs to many of its employees.

FWAs can positively impact the operations of schools and departments by potentially allowing for expanded operating hours, streamlining processes through increased use of technology, and enabling leaders to reduce or reallocate office space.  Flexible Work Arrangements support the University’s Sustainability Plan and its subsequent commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commute travel and peak-hour congestion as a result of University operations.

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Visit the Administrative Policy Library to read the full Flexible Work Arrangements Policy.  

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Columbia University Resources

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Sustainable Columbia provides information on commuting options, inter-campus transportation, and more.