Parent Connection

A Resource for Columbia Families

Parent Connection is an opportunity to discover other Columbia families who have children the same ages, might go to the same school (but you didn’t know it!) or live in the same neighborhood.  

You can opt in and search for others who may want to share caregiving or school pick-ups, hire a caregiver together, or just make a new family friend.  Do you want to learn more about a particular school?  Parent Connection can also help you find families who are already enrolled who may be willing to share their experience.     

How does Parent Connection work?  

  • If you’d like to participate, please fill out the brief form below.
  • After you submit the form (scroll to the bottom of the page), you’ll be given access to the list with info on other participating families.  (Please allow 2 -3 days to receive an email with the access information.)
  • You can search the list by any of the factors -- feel free to reach out to others – it’s as simple as that. 
  • Just remember that this is ONLY for Columbia families – please do not share with others.