The School at Columbia

The School at Columbia University (“The School”), located on 110th Street and Broadway, is a Kindergarten through Grade 8 independent school created by Columbia University to serve children of neighboring families and those of eligible Columbia University employees.   

  • Primary entry points of The School are Kindergarten and Grade 6, though spaces occasionally become available in other grades.   
  • Columbia-affiliated families, other than those in Columbia bargaining units, must be eligible for the Primary Tuition Scholarship in order to be eligible to attend The School.
  • Spaces for neighborhood children (those living in Public School Districts 3 and 5 but not affiliated with Columbia University, except those in bargaining units) are allocated through a random lottery and tuition is need-blind. 
  • The Provost's Office allocates the spaces for Columbia Officers, however priority for open seats is for faculty recruitment and retention. 

Please contact the The School’s Admissions Office with any questions or for additional information about the application process. The Admissions Office can be reached at [email protected] or (212) 851-4216. 

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