Columbia’s Summer Pre-College Programs - Employee Reduced Rate

January 29, 2024

Dependent children of full-time regular faculty and staff may be eligible to participate in Columbia’s Summer Pre-College programs at a 50 percent reduced rate for Commuter and Online options and a 25 percent reduced rate for the Residential program.

The programs are designed to provide an immersive college experience to high-achieving high school students, Grades 9-12, through a combination of rigorous academic instruction and enriching co-curricular activities, including college-preparedness workshops. The residential program is open to students who will be 16 years of age or older at the program’s start.

LEARN MORE - RSVP for the January 31 information session featuring past student participants.

APPLY TODAY - Use the application identification code OFFICERHSP on the Additional Information page of the application to waive the application fee.

Residential (reduced rate)
Session A (3-week):  June 24–July 12, 2024 - $9,336.75
Session B (3-week):  July 16–August 2, 2024 - $9,336.75

Commuter (reduced rate)
Session A (3-week):  June 24–July 12, 2024 - $3,150.00
Session B (3-week):  July 16–August 2, 2024 - $3,150.00
Session C (1-week):  August 5–August 9, 2024 - $1,412.50

Online (reduced rate)
Session A (2-week):  July 1–July 12, 2024 - $1,980.00
Session B (2-week):  July 15–July 26, 2024 - $1,980.00
Session C (1-week):  August 5–August 9, 2024 - $1,405.00

Please work with your child to complete the Columbia University Affiliation section of the application located under Additional Information. It will ask the student to indicate their status as a dependent of a Columbia University employee, and then space will be provided for you to confirm your employment status. 

For the best selection of courses, we recommend submitting an application by the February 1 Early Registration application deadline. 

If you have questions about our Summer program, please reach out to our admissions officers at 212-854-9889 or [email protected]